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Guest Posts/Interviews/Features
Interview with Megan Whitmer (Fearless Fifteeners)
BETWEEN Blog Tour: Interview (Because Reading)
BETWEEN Blog Tour: A Playlist for Charlie (The Cover Contessa)
BETWEEN Blog Tour: Interview (Left to Write)
BETWEEN Blog Tour: Book Review (WhoRU)
BETWEEN Blog Tour: Excerpt (Bumbles & Fairytales)
BETWEEN Blog Tour: Interview with Megan Whitmer
(Adventures in Writerland)
BETWEEN Blog Tour: Interview with Megan Whitmer (BranWrites)
BETWEEN Blog Tour: Between by Megan Whitmer: Read the Opening Pages! (Miss Riki's Musings)
YA Writers as YAs: The Megan Whitmer Edition(MG Buehrlen/YABC)
10 Questions with Author Megan Whitmer (The Write Notes)
Class of 2014 Interview
by Kaitlin Snider (Reading Is My Treasure)
Five Mythical Creatures You've Probably Never Heard Of
Hi, I'm Megan
(We Are One Four)
BETWEEN Cover Reveal
(Mundie Moms)
A Conversation with Megan Whitmer
by Jaye Robin Brown
What's Your Dream? (Out of Time)
2014 Debut Author Preview: Amazing New YA
2014 Debut Author Intros: Episode 7 
Megan Whitmer on Writing, Word Sprints, and #WriteClub (Sprint Shack)
Fifty Words Fridays
by Ted Fox
On Fiction Writing
 by Katrina Monroe
Writer Odyssey Wednesday by Amy Trueblood
Megan Whitmer's YA Misfits Halloween Hop!
 (Kat Ellis)
HerKentucky Story: Writer Megan Whitmer (HerKentucky)
Near Miss Kisses (Luv YA)

YA Misfits (A young adult literature-based blog for writers and readers)
Favorite Books on the Craft of Writing
The Final Playlist for BETWEEN

Programs and Apps for Writers

YA Before It Was Cool

#PitchWars! Query Tips from a Mentor

Books to Keep You Up at Night

Creating Memorable Characters

Interview with YA Author Rebekah Crane

Cover Love!
Three Things I Wish I'd Known When I Started
A Playlist for Kissing
Book BFFs
Tips to Finish That Draft
Megan's Playlist for ROOM FOR TWO
Megan's Philosophy on Feedback
Interview with Indie Author Jen Meyers
Megan Whitmer's Playlist for BETWEEN
Interview with YA Author Alecia Whitaker

The Write Notes (A blog for music and book lovers)
Bonnaroo Preview
December is HEEEEEERE!
Five Songs for Crying
Five Songs for Kissing
What's Your Happy Song?
Interview: Daron Macke of Wedding Day Rain
An Interview with Singer-Songwriter Nick Flora
Be Somebody's Ben Folds

Pondering the One Hit Wonder

Creating Playlists: Where to Start?

Five Singer-Songwriters You Should Love (Because I Do)
I'm a Bust a Move Kind of Writer
Interview with YA Author Kelsey Macke
The Write Frame of Mind

HerKentucky (A local-interest blog primarily aimed at women who currently live or have lived in Kentucky)